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New Technology & Methodology Create 
Opportunities for
New Leads

Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG) (sometimes also known as Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy (FIGG)) is an emerging science that uses DNA analysis combined with traditional genealogy research to generate investigative leads for unsolved violent crimes and Unidentified Human Remains cases. DNA profiles from a crime scene or unidentified human remains are uploaded to select commercial DNA testing companies to identify close genetic matches. Ancestral trees are built using these close familial matches. Common ancestral couples of the unknown DNA profile and matches are identified, and descendancy research of these couples enables genealogists to  develop new leads for law enforcement agencies.

Changing the Way We Tackle Violent Crimes & Unidentified Human Remains Cold Cases

One Community.

One Donation.

One Case at a Time.

We are changing the way we tackle Violent Crime, Sexual Assault, and Unidentified Human Remains cold cases.

Ethnicity results can be crucial to successful IGG research.

One Community • One Donation • One Case at a Time.

The average cost for advanced DNA testing and Genealogical Research services is $5000 a case. These funds are generally unavailable to Law Enforcement agencies. We can pay for this advanced testing for our Law Enforcement partners by using grants, crowdfunding, corporate and individual donations, and special fundraising events.


The  Investigative Genetic Genealogy research process requires professionals who understand and can apply DNA analysis and advanced genealogical research skills to Law Enforcement cases. We provide in-house research services conducted by a dedicated team of experienced and skilled Investigative Genetic Genealogists.


InVGene will also act as a liaison between the lab and our Law Enforcement  partners at absolutely no costs to our partners. 

IGG Research

IGG can provide investigative leads to Law Enforcement agencies for cold case violent crimes like murder and sexual assault, and also unidentified human remains cases when all other leads have been exhausted. We provide full reporting with genetic and genealogical analysis.

Lead Generation

Our Services

Our Georgia
Law Enforcement Partners

Middle Judicial Circuit of Georgia

District Attorney Tripp Fitzner serves Candler, Emanuel, Jefferson, Toombs, and Washington Counties.

Atlantic Judicial Circuit of Georgia

District Attorney Billy Joe Nelson, Jr. serves Evans, Bryan, Tattnall, Long, Liberty, and McIntosh Counties.

Summary of the Process

As part of the process, an Investigative Genetic Genealogy Research Tree is built using DNA matches of an unknown DNA profile.

Analysis of the unknown DNA and match kinships generate a new lead for law enforcement agencies to investigate.

Interested in Partnering or Volunteering?

Vision & Mission

InVGene is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose founder initially saw an opportunity for communities and Law Enforcement agencies to unite to help develop strategies to close violent crime cold cases. We use the most advanced biotechnology combined with Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG) to provide new investigative leads not only for these crimes, but also for sexual assaults and Unidentified Human Remains cold cases.


Our Law Enforcement agency partners submit cold cases that meet requirements for advanced DNA testing of evidence. Our Mission is to provide pro bono funding for these advanced DNA testing methods and Genetic Genealogy research services to Law Enforcement Agencies with the hope new leads we develop will help solve these cases and eventually have an impact on future crime. All contributions and donations are tax deductible.

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