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Sasha Lee, a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) and molecular biology student brings a wealth of education in science and healthcare to the table. Since her early teens, she has immersed herself in traditional genealogy, untangling mysteries within her own family which were later validated with the advent of direct-to-consumer DNA testing. Over the past decade, Sasha honed her genetic genealogy skills in cases involving misattributed parentage and adoption, culminating in her attainment of a Certificate of Investigative Genetic Genealogy from Ramapo College of New Jersey.


As an active IGG practitioner, Sasha has tackled cases involving unidentified human remains and violent crimes. To date, she has helped to resolve 33 misattributed parent cases and 13 IGG cases (12 unidentified human remains and one violent crime).

Her unique combination of healthcare proficiency, investigative prowess, and aptitude for foreign languages offers a distinct advantage to our team, along with her unwavering commitment to solving complex genealogical mysteries.

Sasha is the owner of Monarch IGG, LLC, and volunteers as an investigative genetic genealogist for Ramapo College’s IGG Center.

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